You have put the finishing touches on your invention, idea, or innovation and you are ready to send it out for feedback. Before you do so, is it a good idea to obtain patent protection for your product? In almost every case, the answer is affirmative. You cannot go wrong by protecting yourself and your idea. While there are many legitimate businesses and invention assistance companies that will keep your ideas confidential, some won’t—and are quite open about their ability to take your idea or share it with others.  If you want to keep your idea your own, seek protection before you begin the submission process.

Inventor Awards and Competitions

There are however a number of invention assistance companies and businesses with whom you can enter into a confidentiality agreement. In the case of many of these companies, their job is to help you sell your product, not to produce the product themselves. They are not in the game to take your ideas and sell them but afford you the best submission assistance possible.

It is suggested that you contact local Better Bureau offices to find out more about a company before you begin a business relationship. You might also do a web search to see what the general feeling is about a company, but remember this: More people complain about bad service than they talk about good service. For every dissatisfied consumer (or in this case, inventor), there might be a dozen or more happy people.  Take what you read with a grain of salt.

Read thoroughly the literature and contracts provided to you. An invention submission assistance company should have nothing to hide (and every reason to be candid). If you have a question, ask. Don’t move forward until you are satisfied that you understand the services to be provided and, most certainly, whether or not your idea will be kept confidential.  Protect yourself, for no one is going to do it for you.

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