For every problem, there is a solution. The question is, How good of a solution exists? There are always ways to improve upon a process, to make it faster, more efficient, and all around better.  The trick is finding this better way, which is where new inventions and products come into play.

An invention does not exist in a void. It is created and crafted to solve a specific problem. How do you know if your new product will succeed? Asking yourself some simple questions will bring you closer to an answer.

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What problem does you product solve? There may be others who face the same frustrations as you and for whom your invention might be a Godsend. Is your product easy to use? Never so true has been the old acronym K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, silly!): Who wants to replace one difficult process with another? To whom could your product be marketed? Are you looking at something that could help the masses or only a small portion of the population. Remember, small is not bad. The key is figuring out what need the product solves and creating a piece that fits that need simply and easily. Build it, and they will come.

What problem have you solved today?

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